About GTM
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  • The Global Technology Management (GTM) program offers curriculums that combine state-of-the-art management techniques and technology required in the professional fields of the 21st century.
  • Based on fundamental business management education, the program aims to nurture global talents who will lead creative revolutions by focusing on new-growth energy industries such as green technology and high value added services.
  • Major Track
  • Smart Technology Track
    Understand the technological aspects of new communication media and cultural changes and cultivate the competency to apply this knowledge in various fields such as service, entertainment, manufacturing, and marketing
  • Green Innovation Track
    Analyze the green technology and energy industry which, together with recent climate changes, can become another trade obstacle or an opportunity for a company, and cultivate the competency to apply this knowledge to become a dynamic force for new growth of the nation.
  • Creative Leadership Track
    Cultivate creative problem solving skills, inimitable decision making capabilities, and excellent communication skills based on scientific research through combining cognitive psychology and business management. These qualities are fundamental as a global management leader.
  • Core Business Courses
  • Characteristics
  • Offers a field-based curriculum focusing on hands-on training to build professional competency through the Capstone Design Program.
  • Offers one-on-one mentoring with a professor to build personal competency, providing continuous academic advising and career counseling.
  • Offers various educational opportunities to build global competency via language schools abroad, overseas field trips, study abroad for one semester and multiple degree programs.
  • Career Paths (after graduation)
  • Various career opportunities are available with fusion education encompassing a wide range of management and technology related areas. (e.g. management consulting, management planning, quality management, management advising, startup business consulting, advertisement/public relations and marketing, logistics, green industry, high value added industry, other general companies, government agencies and public sectors, and global companies)